Sunday, February 17, 2008

web analysis 2

1. Marthastewart

for this site quite interesting, because it have many menu and the color also.
every page have a different color, when we click the button it will change become darker, it's to let people know where they are in now. for the background still use the same color.
this site also have search button to help people easier to find their information.
for the sub category i think not really consistent, because when we click the sub category some of it not appear all the menu and some will appear all the menu. so we must go back to the category to click again.

2. Delight
for this site i think is nothing special, because it doesn't use many color, it only use red and white and the navigation also. it didn't give any changes to another page.only the picture and the content might make people confuse where they are in now. in the right side have own section where can help people to find their product faster just click the link. here also have search button.
when click the the picture it have the description about the product and the price.

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