Tuesday, January 15, 2008

stunt double

here my story about stunt double..

my occupation is stunt double, my skill is jumping, i love my job very much because when i was young, in my hometown there so many people come to shoot film.
at that time, me and my friend always come and see the filming and i just realize that every single dangerous scene, there is someone substitude it. from there i know John Stewart. he is my idol. i like him very much, he is my inspiration to become a stunt double. he is very brave to act in dangerous scene. he have to jump over the fire, so i want to become a stunt double.

one day when i want go to my friend house, i saw so many people queuing register for stunt double. i am so happy because i can fulfill my dream to be a stunt double. i register and have training for 3 months. i learn so many things there. learn how to jump from 1 building to another building, jump over the fire..
after 3 months, i start my work. i have to substitude the actor to act dangerous scene, the payment still very low because i'm still a beginner.for the next scene the payment still ok, but now the payment become higher.
i have 1 scene that very embarassed, i have to be naked and jump down from 20th floor. everyone laughing at me, but its ok i have extra payment for that..

sometimes when have a break, we play card with the actor and crew.i just know that orlando pluum likes to play UNO. every time when have break he will ask the crew to play with him and Tom brush also he likes to sing a song, he has a very beautiful voice, sometimes he will sing a song for us.

and i have a very amazing moment, finally i can meet my idol John Stewart in studio. the director invite him, because the director know he is my idol and like him very much..so we chat and share our experience. he share how he do the dangerous scene.. and i have his signature..

i just finished filming action movie and now i am stunt for another movie..

please give me a comment ya..:)

Monday, January 14, 2008

web design 1- analysis web design

1. Andy foulds
this site is about web design..for me this site quite interesting..because everytime you visit this website the background will change..
it will not very boring when you visit this site.. and when you enter, it will come out two triangle.
this also always different when you visit this site.
for the grid system,

every page is same it use 2 columns. for the theme that he use is building.

2.title design studio

this site also very unique, you can choose the sort that you want like print, web, motion, full mode, various and chronological.below the picture have triangle shape and different colour, its tell you the categories.
for the grid system


for main page it have 2 columns and 3 rows

for portfolio page it have 4 columns and 3rows

when you click the button it will have interesting transition..

that is all for my web analysis..i hope you all can give me feedback for this web analysis especially for the 3rd analysis the grid system..:)