Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blooming florist

This for main page.. please comment it ya..

Here for the interface design for blooming florist. i change the color and the pattern for the background.

for the main page it will have flash banner.

this is "about us"

this is for the product page, fruit basket

this is for "contact us" page


Chen said...

It looks nice. Only your side button the text couldn't be seen clearly.

tanyus said...

I think the overall design is nice :)
But I think there's too much wasted space on top of your main content, and I think the background pattern can be better.
I think you can check this website: it has lots of nice patterns :)

selvia said...

ok..thanks ya..

DDee said...

Overall it looks good.
Jus that theres your side button thingy...with Life Support and all.
couldnt help but see that the life support is left align while the rest are right aligned.eheheh

:JoaNNe: said...

erm ... ya ... overall look nice just the text coudn't be see clearly ... ^^

Red said...

nice nice...i agree with tanyus, could prolly put the space to good use.