Tuesday, May 20, 2008

web analysis

1. Oriflame

this website is about selling cosmetics. in this website they arrange the information in category to easy get the information. they use a lot of image to show their products.
there are 4 menu, it is drop down menu and also have a quick navigation to find the product that they want. for the menu button is still same only the content change.
in product page they also divide the product to many category, such as for men, for children, fragrance etc, and also have the explanation about the product
in every page they still using the same color and the logo on the top.

main page

for the grid system, it use 2 columns and 3 columns.
this is 3 column

2 columns

2. panasonic

for this website,the main page is show the product and the main menu is in right hand side.it also divide the information in category. there are 3 main menu.
when go inside the sub menu, the main menu button is on top and also the sub menu button.
i think people will confuse to find the main menu button, because its quite small and the color almost same with the background color.
for very page it still using the same background and same color.
for consumer electronics page, it has 3 section, shop and compare, learn about it and get support.
the color of the sub menu button will change when you go to the 3 section.
and also have a quick navigation to find the product.

main page

the sub menu button change to green color when in shop and compare section
for the grid system

for the business page and industrial page is different with consumer page, its change the layout and the color but still have the panasonic logo.

3. bestwestern hotel
this is hotel website, but its give a lot of information. they also arrange the information into category. for the button is same with other pages and only the content change. it still use the same background and same color, when you in other page, the button will change to dark blue to tell where are you in now. in every page there is 1 column for find a hotel and reservation, is to make people easy to make reservation for the hotel and no need to go back to homepage.
i think for this website the information very well. they also give information how to travel with pets, with kids and planning tips. all are under trip planner menu,
its also have other information about weather, time and currency.
main page

this the package menu, it show all the country to help people easy to find.

for the grid system

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